Rob Zukowski is a New York State LMT, certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, a Certified Medical Massage Therapist and holds a degree in Occupational Studies, with a focus on massage therapy, from the prestigious Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. He has advanced training in sports massage, various relaxation therapies, and training in multi-therapeutic approaches to massage for oncology.

In addition to private practice, his experience includes being a massage therapist, lead therapist and member relationships manager in assorted fitness centers, spas, clinics and holistic healing settings and working in corporate wellness environments. Rob also works as a client services manager at a healing center, authors his own column on the subject of complementary and alternative medicine in a national HIV/AIDS magazine, works in student outreach and lectures on therapeutic massage for various pathologies.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Reflexology & Wellness: Reflexology may rub you the right way

Contrary to popular opinion, reflexology is not just another foot massage. Don’t get me wrong, stand-alone foot massage is an amazing experience, but there are notable differences between a general foot rub and reflexology.

Reflexology is a very specific complementary and alternative therapy based on the idea that different points, areas, and regions of the feet correspond to different organs, systems, and areas of the body. For example, the tips of the toes are said to correlate to the brain, and the arch of the foot is said to have an impact on the spine. Also notable is that while often reflexology sessions focus on primarily the feet, it is believed that there are similar corresponding points on the lower legs, hands, face, and ears. You can do a search on the Internet and find many pictures of assorted reflexology charts.

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